Whether you’re a player, supporter or complete newbie to the great sport that is rugby, the first thing you should do before getting involved is to learn the basic rules.

Rugby Has Laws?
To a complete outsider, it might even seem like there are no rules – granted, at first glance it does tend to look like a group of 15 men or women flinging themselves into one another, however there are actually hundreds of rules and regulations which are constantly being reviewed and evolving to fit the nature of the game.
Therefore, to summarise all the laws in brief would be impossible. However, we’re going to cover some of the basics:
1. The ball is passed backwards

One of the first rules to learn when playing rugby – when passing the ball by hand, it should always be passed backwards. Players may kick the ball forwards, however forward throws will result in the ball being turned over to the other team. Dropping the ball forwards is called a ‘knock on’ and will have the same outcome.

2. Tackles should be made below the shoulder line
There are hundreds of rules related to tackling for the safety of all players. Infringement of this rule is known as a ‘high tackle’, and can result in severe sanctions for the offender.
Players of the game train hard to familiarise themselves with this multitude of rules, practising several rugby drills off the pitch so they’re up to standard. The types of drills practised, along with some handy new ideas relating to newer rugby laws can be found on websites such as https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/, which provide excellent tips and tricks for both new and seasoned players.
3. Players must act sportsmanlike
Unlike in many other sports, you’ll see rugby players displaying an element of respect, not only to their competition but to the referee. Whilst there are hundreds of rules relating to the technical aspects of rugby, the main principle upon which these laws are founded is that rugby is ‘A Sport for All’, and everyone should be able to enjoy it! This is just one of the many things that makes the sport itself so great.
So now you know the basics, check out some key tips and tricks on the site above and give it a try yourself!

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