Basketball is a sport that has spread all over the world. There is always a need for new coaches who have a desire to teach the game. Between children’s leagues, summer leagues, schools, high schools and beyond, there are thousands of basketball teams that all must at least one person who wants to become a basketball coach.


1. set a goal for that level you want to frame

 Decide if you want to be a high school, college or professional trainer. Knowing what level you want to reach you can focus on what you need to know to get there. Each level provides a radically different set of challenges and to move to the next step, you must master the previous level.

2. Learn all you can

 Not every coach is a genius. Even the coaches of the NBA have fans and experts second guessing them and praying for their removal. You will have to understand some basic offensive and defensive games. Know the rules and watch as much basketball as you can in person where you will observe the coaches.

3. Start small

 In order to become a basketball coach, you need to find a team that needs you. It is unlikely that the team that needs you is a college team or even a high school team. To get this first coaching position, you may have to start as a volunteer for the children’s league team.

4. Look for opportunities to climb the ladder

 Schools often hire people to coach who are not teachers. Apply for each job, you can find out if it’s college or high school. Have a concept for your coaching style and communicate it to who you interview with. Communicating a philosophy can go a long way in overcoming a lack of experience.

5. Network with other coaches

 Obviously, head coaches have assistant coaches. If other coaches you know and respect, he can create opportunities to be hired as an assistant.

6. Be patient

 It is unlikely that you will become a basketball coach tomorrow and be a coach for only one divisional university team next week. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at each level of training as you move toward your goal.

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