You can strap on a pair of roller skates and go sailing over the asphalt or take sharp turns around the roller rink, but only if you have the moves and the right tools. Getting your own roller skates might make you feel like a star as you enter the roller rink, but you’ll also want a certain amount of customization so that you are as comfortable as possible in your skates. Did you know that roller skate wheels come in different varieties that impact your ability to turn, jump, and stop depending on the surface that you’re skating on? Choose skate wheels for use while indoors and have a separate set available for trekking outdoors.

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Read on for some more helpful tips when buying roller skating accessories.

Test Out Your Roller Skate Wheels

If you know that you skate better on smaller wheels then get ones that let you move faster with more comfort. At the same time, you have to know just how small you can go while still feeling steady and strong on your skates. Get a few different skate wheels and then test them out before you definitively choose your preferred wheel size. This may require you take your skates on and off again a few times and wait for multiple orders to come in the mail. The good news is that you’ll get better acquainted with your skates and you’ll soon find out which wheels are your favorite.

Roller Skate Laces Count Too

Keep your skates feeling more comfortable by keeping your laces tied tightly, but also loose enough so that you don’t lose circulation in your feet. A lot of skaters customize their skate laces, choosing varieties that are longer, thicker, wider, or even glow-in-the-dark for better visibility and more flexibility. Roller skate laces are important for keeping your feet firmly in place as you go around the rink, but you also need laces that you can tie tightly and know that they won’t come loose while you are in the middle of a move. The next time you lace up your skates, look for frays and see if you feel confident when you stand up and take off.

Protective Gear Is Critical

Even if you’re going to be indoors and skating on a flat, smooth surface, you may really need to look at different protective gear. Small children should wear helmets anytime they get on a bike, wear skates, or try to use a skateboard. For seasoned roller skaters, elbow and knee pads can really save the day when they take a spill. Get protective gear that keeps you feeling safer and not weighted down so that you can try more fancy moves without fear of getting hurt.

The long story short is that all roller skating accessories must be tested out personally. See if you like your new roller skate wheels before buying more than one set, and get new laces to help give your skates more personality. Lastly, wear protective gear whether you’re indoors or outside if you want to guarantee that you’ll come home without a scratch.

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