Inside a Genius Mind – The Red Smith Reader Book Review

Red Smith can be considered as one of the genii from the past. Is hard to think in a world without the writings that Red Smith did in the years of 1930-1940 since the world has formally changed from what it used to be, is amazing to read the columns of Red Smith and see that they still hold as the best commentaries in sports history.

And being a genius so revolutionary to the world of sports and causing a great impression among the past readers, it was a matter of time until we had in our hands a compilation of the greatest columns ever written in sports history, with this being said we can introduce the masterpiece that is The Red Smith Reader


To talk about this book is to talk about Red Smith himself and what made him so great, well, first of all, Red Smith was a fearless character that wasn’t afraid to tell what was going on inside his mind. And while this can be considered normal nowadays, it was a huge step back then when the media was often perceived as more traditional.

That’s why Red Smith causes a great impact on the lives of any sports fan through the decades, not only for the way he discusses the best aspect of sports, but how he punishes and talks about the bad aspects as well, and all in a unique and incredible way of describing the many aspects of the sport itself.


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Because the skills that the Red Smith uses to narrate his commentaries are unprecedented and always making their points valid. Since he often used to say that “Columns don’t write themselves” he goes to the point of providing the best writings among sports fanatics, and always leaving his points clear so anyone could enjoy it.

The favorite moments to anyone reading The Red Smith Reader can be about the way Red Smith can show the disapproval of any match without sending spite, but as well leaving his point clear and being an enjoyable person, as well to show admiration and support without perceiving adulation, a true technique way ahead of his time

For this, The Red Smith Reader is a recommended read if you are looking for a sportsbook that is more focused in the commentaries behind each column and how it made it to a great book rather than the experience of a professional player or the description of a certain sport.

And while there are a lot of books that tell us stories like The Red Smith Reader, I consider that the commentary and skills that Red Smith gives us among these years are far more enjoyable.


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