Ice Cold Tragedy – The Worst Journey in the World Book Review

Published in 1922 and written by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, which deals with the worst journey of a group of people who have been able to get stuck in Antarctica before Christmas, having to spend difficult moments that even put their life at risk.

A trip that should be a beautiful time to enjoy holidays and the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, ended up becoming a hell for a group of people who travel to the North Pole, getting stuck in Antarctica.


The boat where the people were stuck in the sea and some of them even died. One group was that the one that was left alive and had to take care of removing the ship from there before something worse happened.

A story that conveys the suffering that many people had to go through the number of times their lives were at risk. One of the worst moments was when the frozen sea was breaking and was going to cause a great catastrophe.


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The story was based on a real-life case, specifically, the officer and explorer Robert Falcon Scott who belonged to the British Navy and had to lead two expeditions in Antarctica, the famous Discovery Expedition and the Terra Nova Expedition. He ended up dying during the hypothermia trip.

In real life, people were missing for months and waiting to find some help to reach their destination. With a climate of more than 80 degrees and more than 8 weeks of travel had to live, which was leaving dead little by little.

The story is very well written, getting to transmit hundreds of different feelings, especially shock and anguish to imagine all the suffering that many people had to go through and like many others ending up dying to the weeks of the trip because of the cold that was happening.

In addition to telling everything that happened during that torturous trip, what you may most like is the end and how you leave a very nice message about getting the good side of things even in the worst moments.

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