Sports Overview it’s a project that was born some years ago due to the love of reading and sports. A place where fans can enter to find interesting stories about any sports personality, stories or related novels.

We’re formed by a group of critical experts in literature responsible for carrying out each criticism with great respect and focusing on the literary content. Our opinions will be precise, simple to understand and with specific points that highlight the story.

Sportsbooks can really surprise many people who aren’t related to that genre, but there are some that have become classic and even taken to the movies because of their plot.

We will receive any constructive criticism or comments with much respect and humility, with the aim that all users also help to grow the web. The critics are a form of introduction to know if a story may interest you or not.

In Sports Overview a book isn’t judged by its cover, nor should we let ourselves be carried away by the fame or recognition that any book generates, what matters is the content of the book and for that, we are here.